Eco-friendly Packaging

merino and bamboo handspun yarn handmade soap patchouli and lavender

We now have handmade goods on our shop! I've been working really hard to perfect my soaps and yarns. I think if I waited until I thought it was perfect I wouldn't ever list any! That's what I get for being a perfectionist. These soaps and yarns are great and every new batch and hank is even better. I tried to put as much thought and consideration into our packaging as I have into our handmade goods we offer.

When choosing our packaging materials I focused on eco-friendly options. Compostable packaging was really appealing to me because as an aspiring composter myself, I absolutely loved the idea of getting my package in the mail and then just throwing the box or mailer on the compost pile. It totally aligns with the vision I have for our farm.

Here is what I decided on:

Mailer: It is made from 100% recycled content (90% post-consumer waste), and is naturally biodegradable, compostable, and curbside recyclable!

kraft mailer ecoenclose

Tissue Paper: It is recycled, compostable, and reusable. Also, for every tissue paper order I place they plant trees in an area of need.

custom tissue paper noissue

Belly Band: The packaging around our soaps and yarns is seed paper! It is made from post-consumer paper waste (businesses and schools) and is fully compostable. All that is left when planted are the seeds and flowers! The paper is also shipped to me and other businesses in compostable mailers.

eco-friendly packaging handmade soap

wildflowers in bloom 

(Look at those beautiful wildflowers that bloomed from the seed paper we use!)

I'm so excited about our products and packaging. They are beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly! 


*Our printed products are printed and shipped by a professional printing company so we don't get to control their packaging choices.

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