How To Fix Entropion In Your Baby Goat or Lamb

What is entropion?

It is an eye condition where the upper or lower eyelid (usually lower) turns inward. This is a problem because the eyelashes rub on the eye and it causes inflammation and scarring that can lead to blindness. It is a genetic disorder, so any kids with this ailment should not be bred, and a close watch should be placed on the mother of the kids. If she continues to have kids with entropion, she should not be rebred. To catch this condition early watch for these symptoms: a watery eye, a puffy and swollen eye, a cloudy eye. If you notice these symptoms, look at the eye to see if the eyelid is turned inward. (Look for the eyelashes. If you can't find them they are probably rolled inward.)

How do I fix it?

We fix it by placing wound clips near the affected eyelid. The wound clip helps pull the eyelid away from the eye so that it can heal and retrain the eyelid to be positioned outward. The inflammation from the application of the wound clip also helps keep the eyelashes away from the eye. Alternatively, a veterinarian can inject penicillin in the affected eyelid and the swelling caused by the injection helps keep the eyelashes away from the eye. In severe cases, surgery may be required to remove excess tissue from the eyelid.

What do I need?

In order to fix the eyelid with wound clips you will need:

  • 14mm wound clips
  • special forceps to apply and remove the wound clips
  • (We found ours here.)
  • CDT vaccine (To provide the tetanus vaccine since you will be creating a wound.)
  • 3cc syringe and a 22g 1/2" - 3/4" needle
  • Terramycin ointment (ophthalmic ointment-specifically made for the eye)

Watch our video that shows you how to place the wound clips.

When do I remove the wound clips?

If the wound clips don't fall out in 10-14 days, remove them with the other side of the forceps. (One side is for applying them and the other is for removing them.) You want to position the forceps so that you will be placing a crease in the bent/pointed part of the clip. Imagine that the clip is shaped like a "V" once it is bent and placed. You want to essentially make a "W" out of what once was shaped like a "V". When you press on the pointed/bent part of the clip, it will pull the two sides out of the tissue.


Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian and strongly advise you discuss any potential diagnoses and treatment options with your veterinarian first. This article is for informational purposes only. Riebel Farms LLC and its authors will not be held liable for any use of the information provided.

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