Learn How to Spin Yarn with a Drop Spindle

Below you will find several resources to help you get started spinning your own yarn! Included is a video tutorial explaining how to spin yarn on a top whorl drop spindle, pdf links describing different types of fiber for spinning, and another pdf link to information about spinning techniques, types of spindles and other essential yarn spinning vocab!

Link to YouTube video tutorial showing you step by step how to spin yarn on a top whorl drop spindle:


YouTube: How to Spin Yarn on a Drop Spindle

Link to a pdf describing all sorts of fiber:


Types of Fiber for Spinning Yarn

Link to a pdf describing spinning techniques, types of spindles, and spinning vocab:


Spinning Techniques, Types of Spindles, and Spinning Vocab

Purchase Spindles and Other Yarn Spinning Supplies Here:


Drop Spindle for Spinning Yarn

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