Meet The Riebels!


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What We Are About:

  • Raising quality, healthy animals in a caring environment.
  • Creating fun farm themed products to share with others including t-shirts, canvases, mugs, soaps, hats, puzzles, pillows, and more.
  • Donating a portion of our profits to help others in need.

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More About Us:

We are a family farm located in Cherryvale, Kansas. We raise Highland cattle and Boer goats. We also keep a flock of chickens and guineas and have taken in a few Juliana Mini Pigs. We know each of our animals by name and have a deep passion for caring for them and keeping them happy and healthy.

In addition to caring for our animals, we enjoy using Dusty's graphic design talents to create fun farm themed merchandise. Our goal is to offer great designs on quality products at an affordable price.

We are interested in regenerative agriculture and sustainable animal agriculture practices. We have also experimented with reviving old crafts such as handspinning yarn and making homemade soap from natural ingredients.

Our Mission:
-To raise healthy, quality animals and to give them the best life possible.
-To bring all the joys of the farm that we cherish to people who may not otherwise get to enjoy them.
How We're Different:

1) We want our farm to fit naturally into the ecosystem, and we also want to help change the world. We pledge to donate 10% of the net proceeds from our online store to a non-profit organization. 

2) We always treat our animals with the utmost respect and handle them in the most humane way possible.

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